Golden Graduate Award

Dr. Dana Allen-Tully, 2017 Golden Graduate Award RecipientDr. Dana Allen­Tully is the 2017 recipient of the Gopher Dairy Club’s Golden Graduate Award. She grew up on a dairy farm near Eyota, MN. Dr. Allen­Tully began her college education at the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science. She then ventured on to the University of Nebraska where she studied for a Master of Science in dairy nutrition. Dr. Allen-­Tully later returned to the University of Minnesota to receive her PhD in dairy cattle nutrition.

During her undergraduate years, Dr. Allen-Tully was a member of the Gopher Dairy Club and the collegiate dairy judging team. She also received numerous awards and scholarships throughout her collegiate career.

After completing graduate school, Dr. Allen-­Tully returned to her home dairy farm, Gar­Lin Dairy in Eyota, MN. She is the lead manager of Gar­Lin Dairy in a partnership with her parents and brother. Her parents now winter in the south so Dr. Allen-­Tully is responsible for the day-­to­-day management of the dairy. For the last DHIA test, Gar­Lin had 1,939 cows with a rolling herd average of 33,458 lb milk, 1,204 lb fat, and 1,012 lb protein (3X milking).

Through her time working as the farm's lead manager, Dr. Allen­-Tully has successfully led the dairy enterprise through expansion while maintaining production and profitability standards, and provided direct supervision of herd health, nutrition and heifer raising programs. All while supervising twenty­-five employees. She is also responsible for all permitting through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and communication with regulatory bodies.

Dr. Allen­-Tully has provided strong leadership as a member of the advisory committee for the
U.S. Dairy Innovation Center, which is an important and ongoing initiative of DMI (Dairy Management, Inc.). She serves as host of other advisory committees for the dairy industry. Dr. Allen­-Tully also was a panel member at the U.S. Dairy Genetics Workshop two years ago in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Allen­-Tully is married to her husband, Jim, both who served as chaperones for the Gopher Dairy Club trip to California in January 2016. She is very involved in her local community; she is currently serving on the City of Eyota Planning and Zoning Committee and has served as a chair in the past. The family farm has also been a host farm for the Rochesterfest County Breakfast on the farm and has provided cattle for the Olmsted County Fair Birth Center.

The Gopher Dairy Club is please to have so many outstanding alumni. Each year, we are delighted to recognize those who have continued to have an impact on the dairy industry and our organization. We are pleased to recognize Dr. Dana Allen­Tully as the 2017 recipient of the Golden Graduate Award.